About the Artist: Mary Mannapso      

Goal and Purpose as an Artist:  

Mary, born in Tallinn, Estonia, but having immigrated to Canada as a child and living in the lush and picturesque area of Niagara-on-the-Lake, was drawn into the creative world of art at a very early age being influenced first hand by her artistically talented mother and older sister.

On a typical day, she can usually be seen photographing images at any spur of the moment since the combinations of nature enhanced by the varying color and light have always inspired and motivated the very texture of her soul. It wouldn't be unnatural for her to lurch to a stop in her car (of course attempting by all costs to avoid a drastic vehicular pile-up) in order to capture a fleeting yet breathtaking detail of something that caught her eye. The outdoors provides a canvas unto its own and Mary then proceeds to take this magnificent challenge and portray it in an exact but personal representation of its grandeur, hoping to impart on canvas its textural and physical beauty. Mary's belief that even the simplest of things can be viewed in a beautiful realism through paint, the brush, and an artist's eye.

Throughout her many years, Mary has also continued the pursuit of Art Education and enrolled in a three year program at the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts in Montreal which she successfully completed while earning a scholarship. As well she studied under the tutelage of Pauline Isabelle at the Atelier Beaux-Arts du Rivage. Concurrent with her studies she holds memberships in the various artists associations, some of which include the Montreal Baltic Association; Society of Estonian Artists in Toronto; Independent Artist Association; as well, she has exhibited her art through many exhibitions throughout Montreal and Ontario and as well has her private collections in Canada, United States and Europe.

Currently she has desires to revert to her portraiture painting where one can never really know what lies at the heart of a face. ...an expression caught in a questioning eye, a sense of bewilderment studied in the furrows of a brow, a hint of a smile hiding a secret from the rest of the world -  all of which add a sense of challenge and experiment to the images in Mary's creative mind which is constantly searching for new inspirations in the world around her.

Robert Frost claimed: "We love the things we love for what they are" and Mary's interpretation of these things clearly demonstrates her commitment to her art and to the honesty and portrayal of all that she puts to canvas.